The mechanical part is free of electrical controls, which are replaced by robust balancing and locking systems allowing easy and ergonomic use

Mechanically controlled structure

A high-voltage generator with energy storage has been completely designed to respond to the power outages and strong fluctuations that happen on a daily basis in most hospitals in challenging contexts

Secured electrical power

The system includes all the functions of digital radiography, an archiving and data distribution system, multimedia tutorials and support for the safety and quality controls of the system

All-in-one digital system

Total cost of ownership, including purchase, operation and maintenance costs, drasticly lower than any solution on the market

Total cost reduction

The device is designed to withstand heat, humidity and dust, three of the main factors of premature breakdown of technical equipment in challenging contexts

Design adapted to the climate

On-site trained technical teams, remote support and a simplied design assure the effective operation over the long term at lower costs

Maintenance concept

A teleradiology system will allow hospitals without a radiologist to send x-ray images to a specialized center for remote diagnosis

Remote diagnosis