First user testing realized locally in Cameroon

A miniature model of the system and its user interface simulator have been evaluated by local players in Cameroon, based on user-centric design approach set up by EDANA from the HE-ARC in Neuchâtel. These tools were fabricated by the team of ECAL (School of Art in Lausanne).

A working group consisting of various local experts (radiography technicians, radiologists and biomedical engineers from diverse hospitals) was created, in order to obtain the first impressions and feedback on the miniature model. In addition, initial ergonomic tests allowed the validation of certain design assumptions and graphical choices for the user interface. This would enable us to propose and conceive future improvements that better correspond to the practices of the targeted users on the ground.

This approach is essential for ensuring the involvement of the local players during instrument conception and the optimal progression of the project.