Launch of the second research phase

In the wake of fundraising that took place between 2015 and 2016, we are proud to announce that the research into the GlobalDiagnostiX technology continues involving all the academic partners!

With a budget of 1.4 million Swiss francs, the main objectives of this second research phase are:

  • To improve the reliability, life span and tropicalization of the system
  • To improve the system’s performance and optimize total costs
  • To improve ergonomics and user interactions, for example by integrating dedicated tutorials in the graphical interface
  • To develop a complete, versatile and resilient software solution, enabling the integration of remote services such as tele-radiology or tele-maintenance

The internal organization of the project revolves around five main research axes. The working groups are coordinated by managers, who act as “contact points” for all the partners.

A second and more elaborate prototype, providing a complete and autonomous radiology solution, will be publicly presented in early 2018! The fundraising effort continues in order to further develop this innovative technology and prepare new applications.