Field studies conducted in Cameroon

In May 2015, the EDANA (HE-ARC in Neuchâtel) and our Cameroonian partners, in particular Dr. Jean-Roger Moulion Tapouh at the University Hospital of Yaoundé (CHUY), finalized the preparations for Bogomil Kohlbrenner’s project for field studies in Cameroon. The studies took place during the months of June and July, where the objective was to carry out anthropo-technological studies in the Anglophone region of the country. These studies led to a better understanding of the functioning of regional and district hospitals, the essential steps of the life cycle of radiology equipment (purchasing process, transportation, installation, usage and life cycle end), as well as their maintenance and repair.

This investigation served as a basis for the elaboration of recommendation for the GlobalDiagnostiX project, both about the conception of the instrument and its deployment in the field, with a view to promote ownership and adoption by local players.