Important meeting focused on the prototype construction and context studies

September 19th, 2014 - The teams involved in the GlobalDiagnostiX alliance met at EPFL in order to present the important progresses that have been accomplished towards the realization of the first prototype of the appropriate X-ray device.  They have also set an action plan to tackle the issues related to system integration that will be achieved by the end of the year.

Also during this meeting, several context studies were exposed and discussed. Mr. Martin Raab from the SwissTPH presented his decade-long experience with the Egypt-Swiss Radiology Project (ESRP) which aims to upgrade radiology services in Egypt, from infrastructures and equipment provision, to training and policy formulation (up to 220 hospitals were equipped between 2002 to 2014). 

Two groups of EPFL students shared the observations and the findings from their summer mission for EssentialMed in Cameroon on the topics of radioprotection and patient identification. Finally, an anthropotechnological study about radiology in the local context was presented by Nicolas Mabillard from Edana who spent 6 months in Cameroun doing his master’s project. 

After the meeting, a big challenge was launched, where the teams had to develop a complete radiology system made from Lego bricks. The brilliant sales-pitch from Paulin Tsangue allowed bringing the victory to his team that demonstrated exceptional inventiveness and humor.