Lab testing for the new X-ray detector

In collaboration with the Laboratory of Applied Photonics Devices (EPFL LAPD), advanced testing and characterisation are conducted in order to study and comprehend the conversion chain from X-ray to digital information. A mathematical model has been elaborated for this purpose. Practical experimentations are also performed at the Institue of Applied Radiophysics at the University Hospital in Lausanne (CHUV IRA) to validate the theoretical model, and to optimize the detector's architecture and choices of components. 

This work will define the next generation of the GlobalDiagnostiX X-ray detector to improve drastically the performance, durability and cost of the first prototype.


Pascal Monnin (IRA CHUV, left) and Sébastien Blanc (EssentialTech EPFL, right) running practical experimentations in the laboratory. 

Climatic testing and effect of the temperature on the image quality