Pristem: the start-up that’s going to industrialize GlobalDiagnostiX technology

The first spin-off of CODEV’s EssentialTech program was officially created in December 2015. The company aims to provide sustainable and universal access to essential medical technologies that are desperately needed in developing countries. Pristem is tackling this global health problem with a unique approach that combines Swiss quality and innovation, in order to provide high-tech, robust and affordable medical equipment.

This company is a powerful tool for the industrialization  and deployment of the technology developed by GlobalDiagnostiX’s scientific partners. It aims to valorize the research program’s technological advances and implement an innovative business model developed according to EssentialTech principles, namely to have a sustainable and replicable impact on a broad scale. 

The young company has already won several awards, including the PricewaterhouseCooper “Future Trends” Prize, at the Seif Awards 2015, and the second round of the Venture Kick Competition.